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Greenie, Birdo, Foodie, and Karaoke nut

Understand we'll go hand in hand - But we'll walk alone in fear

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Mixed feelings
I believe that -

No species or ecosystem should be made extinct
due to the cultural idiosyncrasies of humans.

Feel free to add, read, comment to your hearts content.

However be warned that trolls won't be tolerated. *growls*

As you will notice I have a habit of posting song lyrics. Often uncredited. If these lyrics belong to me I'll probably go "Yay woo, I wrote this!" Any other time assume they are someone else's lyrics, but feel free to ask who wrote them. I decided I better put this disclaimer here because everyone litigious these days. *fires up chainsaw of natural selection*

The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie
The first pixie lives in Perth, the second one lives in Broome.

My birding lifelist

I have created and moderate the following communities -
anti_smoking - Quite obvious really.
aussie_cup - Alternative menstrual products in Australia.

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