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2017 - Year in Review

For the world in general, it was often a shite year, but myself personally - I landed a job working at a place I actually care about with like minded people - I would say I am actually friends with all of my co-workers which is crazy but very very nice.

This year I am going with an awards ceremony for media I enjoyed this year.

2017 Awards

Show I never expected to become obsessed with - American Pickers


I started watching it in the evenings while mum & dad were away. I'd watched the occasional episode previously, but I got seriously into it this year. So many cool things, and I impressed myself when I knew more about Herschell kiddie rides than they did (and they had just purchased one!).

Show I'm still screaming over - The Man In The High Castle

It took me a while to watch season 2 because I was absolutely NOT in the mood after Drumpf got elected. But I finally got around to it and wow. I am now seriously hanging out for season 3, which probably won't come out until March.

Best album - Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album

In TMITHC North America is split up into the Japanese Empire in the west, the Greater Nazi Reich in the eastern chunk, and a sliver of 'neutral zone' in the Rocky Mountains, where resistance members gather. The idea was put to some musicians - "what kind of music would you hear on the radio in the Neutral Zone?" The answer was warm, bluesy covers of songs from 1962 (when the series is set). The songs were even recorded to vinyl before being digitised. It's great driving music... actually, it's just great for everything, I can't stop listening to it. This is my fave song from the album;


Awesome older show I got around to watching - Life

Part of my "watch everything Damian Lewis has been in" binge. Life turned out to be really good. Damian plays Charlie Crews, a cop who was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit. 12 years later he is exonerated and given a massive payout, but he also requests to be reinstated as a detective - so he can try to discover who set him up. Also, he's very shiny like a copper penny and obsessed with fresh fruit (which is pretty much non-existent in prison).

It also had some parallels with Homeland, which made me yell a lot.

Awesome obscure show I watched - Spotless

I watched this purely because Doug Allen was in it. "Who the heck is Doug Allen?" I hear you asking. He played Alton More in Band of Brothers and is constantly posting hot photos of himself or his motorbike on Instagram.

Spotless is a French/British production about Jean, a guy who cleans up after the dead bodies are removed. His drug dealing brother Martin suddenly appears, on the run from other crooks in France, and through his actions Jean's skills come to the attention of the local mob boss, who insists Jean works for him... or else. Hilarity ensues.

Best quality show all round - Billions

For a show full of generally unlikable people living in a universe I can't begin to comprehend, Billions is pretty damn riveting. Again, I started watching because Damian Lewis, but stayed for the sheer quality. Also, there is a non-binary character, played a non-binary person, and they are actually a major player in the storyline! Amazing. Go check it out.

Show even awesomer than expected - The Punisher

Marvel Netflix series have generally delivered quality - Iron Fist and Defenders were a bit disappointing but I figured Punisher would be better. MAN I did not expect it to be as good as it was. It stoked the flames of the Karen/Frank ship, covered topics like PTSD and how war generally screws people up, and introduced us to David and Sarah Lieberman, who I am utterly in love with.


And sometimes it just devolves into buddy sitcom - who'd have thunk it?
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